First faces

Natalya Popovichenko

Chief financial officer

Graduated from specialized department of A.F. Ioffe Physico-technical Institute of Russian Science Academy in Leningrad Electro-technical Institute.

Specialized in cash flow management, formation and strategic planning of financial policy of the company, and financial-economic analysis. She’s got experience in this field since 2000.

She joined our company in 2012.

She’s got a IFR Diploma in the International Financial Reporting.

She is an expert in the field of financial analysis, establishing and maintaining relationships with partner banks, ensuring economical safety, and tax planning. She’s got a great experience with transactions of merge and acquisition. She participates in work of start-up exchange.

She likes travelling, theater and sport, especially, snorkeling and tracking.

Maria Zhelezovskaya

Chief officer in legal safety and legal issues

Her major is development and implementation of legal safety of business/enterprise functioning, including against dissocial acquisitions and raiding, building and maintaining scheme of lawful and safe property possession; optimization of business taxation in general, and for individual transactions in particular; managing board of directors.

She’s got working experience in law since 1993, in our company – since 2004.

She’s got a degree in law, graduated from department of law of Saint-Petersburg State University in major of law (degree – professionally qualified specialist, qualification – lawyer, diploma BVS no. 0443524 as of May 23 2000); And degree in economics, graduated from economic department of Saint-Petersburg State university in major “Economics and management in the enterprise” (bachelor’s degree, qualification – economist-manager, expert in optimization of enterprise taxation.”

More than once she attended further training courses in Saint-Petersburg State University.

Expert in the field of planning, structuring and concluding significant transactions (sale of business, plants, realty estate objects), including tax optimization of transactions. She’s got significant experience in realty estate in Russia and abroad.

Hobbies: music – playing piano, singing (graduated from musical school in singing), theatre; reading of fiction.

Olga Vatutina

Head of Orange.Development

Graduated from St.-Petersburg Technical University and got a degree of engineer-radio-physicist; has another degree of St.-Petersburg Economic University in economics and organization of manufacturing in heavy engineering plants.

She’s got more than 20 years of experience in the field of organization of projecting and construction. She became a part of our company in 2009.

In our company, she is responsible for the aspects related to organization of work on projecting, major construction and maintenance of buildings and constructions, from the idea to the real square meters.

She manages the full construction cycle, from the foundation pit, to the red ribbon at the entrance, from the project of architectural image to the certificate of commissioning. Behind herself she’s got a great experience in creation and optimization of developer projects, control of budget performance, quality and timelines of projecting and construction works, as well as implementation of functions of technical customer.

She prefers to dedicate her free time to her daughter and family, as well as finds some time for a smart book or interesting travelling.

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